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SAVIX Mobile App: User Guide

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The SAVIX Data Application can be downloaded onto your Android device via the google play store here. Below is a description of the app. The SAVIX MIS Mobile data entry application can be used by data collection personnel of organizations who use the Village Savings and Loans methodology to enter data directly in their SAVIX MIS. The application supports offline data entry which makes it an ideal solution for remote data entry in the field. Mistakes are less likely because data can be entered at the moment of collection including validation. The following tutorial will walk you through a step by [...]

CommCare: A tutorial

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CommCare is a mobile data collection platform built on Open Development Kit (ODK). The following video will walk you through the process of using CommCare on an Android device. The tutorial will cover the following: introduction  Installing an application How to login Updating the survey manually Changing languages Data entry offline + online syncing incomplete / complete forms Note: If you open the video below in a new window you will have access to the time stamped shortcuts in the YouTube comments section

Cheap Smartphones

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A Brief note on the blog: This is the first of what I hope to be many posts under the ‘blog’ label. This blog will provide an opportunity and platform for discussion on the state of mobile technology as it pertains to development. These posts will not focus on the technical side of technology with detailed instructions and how to’s but rather allow readers to gain an insight into the world of Information Communication and Technology and why it’s important in international development. I welcome any discussion or debate. When searching for a mobile device for any project involving ICT we first look [...]

Data Collection: Paper vs. Digital

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How do you decide whether paper or mobile is a better format for your monitoring and evaluation activities? Yes, mobile technology for data collection is great. There is absolutely no denying that fact. There is increasing evidence that digital data collection is faster, often more reliable, and in many cases, more economical than traditional forms. However, one must really understand the pros and cons of mobile data collection, where it excels and, arguably more important, where it falls short. In an effort to help you determine if mobile data collection is for you and your project the good people of J-Pal have [...]

CommCare ODK: Installing Application (Survey)

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CommCare is an Android platform that allows one to load multiple electronic surveys into it. In order to use CommCare on an Android device applications (CommCare's term for survey/forms) have to been loaded into the platform. In order to do this the following has to happen: Android Device must have CommCare ODK installed (available here) Once CommCare ODK is installed - the surveys must be installed via URL or QR Code The following video tutorial will walk you through the process of installing the application/survey onto the CommCare Android App via URL.

CommCare ODK: Removing application (survey)

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Different mobile data collection platforms use different terminology that can often be a little confusing. CommCare on an Android mobile device uses the term ‘application’ for forms/surveys. This is not to be confused with apps (as in “there’s an app for that…”) which is actually short for application. Yeah, I know… confusing. […]

Side Loading Apps: Offline Installation of APK Files

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Background: Installing apps from the Google Play store onto one single device is relatively straightforward and painless. As long as you have access to a reliable internet connection and have a Google Account things are easy. However, what happens when you have a poor internet connection (not to mention expensive) and have 30 devices that need a specific app installed? You could connect each of the 30 devices to the internet, login to the Google Play store with the appropriate Google credentials, and download and install the app. This could prove rather problematic in the field when access to the [...]


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This blog will not only provide resources on mobile technology as it pertains to the field of development but will be a platform in which ideas are shared, curated, and archived. The following is an excerpt from PCI's upcoming Mobile Technology Strategy Document. "Mobile technology has proven itself a powerful and efficient tool that accelerates achievement of project objectives and ultimately of development goals.  There is increasing evidence that digital data collection is faster, often more reliable, and in many cases, more economical than traditional forms.  And over the past several years, PCI has gained significant experience using mobile technology to [...]