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CommCare: Worflow overview

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CommCare is a mobile data collection platform built on ODK (Open Data Kit) that allows you to collect data with or without an internet connection. This post will outline the overall workflow of CommCare to ensure you will have the adequate knowledge to successfully implement data collection in the field. --> Follow this post to understand the pros and cons of a mobile data collection platform (what it is good for and what it is not good for). Basic Workflow overview: Surveys are built on a web platform (through a browser on the computer) Connect Mobile devices to internet and [...]

CommCare: Android Device Setup

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This post will cover the device setup configurations for an Android device in order to be successful in the use of CommCare for mobile data collection. Checklist Make sure device is charged fully Date and Time Setup Correctly Internet Connection (SIM Card and/or WiFi) Google Account on Phone Required Applications Installed from Google Play Store CommCare Barcode Scanner User Friendly Settings (Keyboard, Display Brightness, Screen Rotation, etc.) Set display brightness to maximum (if using in the daylight) turn off screen rotation set screen time out to 5 min Enable GPS and Camera Settings setup Home screen to be clutter free [...]