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This blog will not only provide resources on mobile technology as it pertains to the field of development but will be a platform in which ideas are shared, curated, and archived. The following is an excerpt from PCI’s upcoming Mobile Technology Strategy Document.

“Mobile technology has proven itself a powerful and efficient tool that accelerates achievement of project objectives and ultimately of development goals.  There is increasing evidence that digital data collection is faster, often more reliable, and in many cases, more economical than traditional forms.  And over the past several years, PCI has gained significant experience using mobile technology to collect data.  In an effort to provide quality programming in all of our project areas, PCI is committed to continuing to leverage the benefits of mobile-technology enabled data collection, while expanding the use of mobile technology into new areas such as mobile health (mHealth), mobile money (mBanking), and mobile education (mEd).  In order to achieve these results, PCI will approach mobile technology usage from a technology development life cycle perspective in which all technology is planned, developed, tested, implemented, and adjusted based on lessons learned.”

Cellphone use in Zambia

Cellphone use in Zambia

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