So You Want A Dashboard

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4 Things to Consider Before Dashboard Design What is a Dashboard? Before we even begin the process of discussing requirements, visuals, or platforms it’s important to understand what a dashboard is. It may be obvious, but a business intelligence dashboard takes its name from the vehicle dashboard or dash. The car dash(board) above and each element and visual serves a very specific purpose and that is to provide the driver with the necessary information to operate the vehicle safely. Looking at the above dashboard. How many pieces of information are being displayed to the driver at any given time [...]

Mobile Data Collection: EXPLAINED

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Mobile Data Collection Mobile data collection is the method of gathering any type of information using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Data collection is not anything new in the field of development, but the introduction of mobile devices has revolutionized the tedious process by making it both more accurate and efficient. Traditionally, data needed to be recorded on site with pen and paper – a process that lends itself to data quality issues. Now, information can be recorded directly onto a mobile device at the source with built in validation and skip logic and then uploaded [...]

Cheap Smartphones

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A Brief note on the blog: This is the first of what I hope to be many posts under the ‘blog’ label. This blog will provide an opportunity and platform for discussion on the state of mobile technology as it pertains to development. These posts will not focus on the technical side of technology with detailed instructions and how to’s but rather allow readers to gain an insight into the world of Information Communication and Technology and why it’s important in international development. I welcome any discussion or debate. When searching for a mobile device for any project involving ICT we first look [...]