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CommCare How To: Update app from App Manager

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You can update the CommCare app by using the App Manager. This will allow you to update without logging into the app using an specific username and password.   Start by connecting your device to the internet.   Step 1. Open CommCare and select the options button and select Go To App Manager Step 2. Select the app you want to update. Step 3. You'll be presented with 3 options. Select Update Step 4. If there's an update you'll see the following as CommCare downloads the new update. Step 5. Select update. Once successful you'll see the following: Step 6. Return back [...]

CommCare: syncing data

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CommCare is a mobile data collection platform that does not require a live internet connection in order to operate and collect data. However, there are some caveats and the basic workflow for CommCare to function is as follows: Connect device to internet  --> update form and login with user credentials Travel to Field (no internet) -->  collect data (device will save it in unsent folder) Connect device to internet --> sync data with the cloud The mobile device needs to be connected to the internet for the following reasons: updating apps/surveys to newest version Logging in for the first time [...]

CommCare: Updating an app

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You've tested the CommCare survey and have made all the necessary changes in CommCare HQ. How do you update all the phones? Ensure you've selected the latest version for deployment. See below: Prepare your devices: Ensure devices are connected to the internet via mobile data or WiFi On your device Login Login to the CommCare home screen on the the mobile device and select the 3 dots in the top right corner. See below: Select Update App If there is an update you should see the following:

CommCare: Install app (survey)

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This following step by step guide will walk you through how to install a CommCare application (survey).   PREPARATION Things you'll need: CommCare App barcode or app code provided by CommCare admin login credentials provided by CommCare admin Device Configuration ensure date and time on each device is set and correct ensure screen brightness and timeout time is set appropriately ensure device is connected to WiFi or Mobile Data Install necessary apps: On each device install the following via Google Play or by side loading: Barcode Scanner  CommCare (ensure latest version) ON THE DEVICE Step 1: Run CommCare         [...]

CommCare: Exporting Data

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You've collected and uploaded the data. Now what? How do you export the data from CommCare? In order to access the data you'll need to understand the difference between creating an export and exporting the data. They are as follows: Create an export of the data you want: This allows you to setup the data fields you want to be made available for download. You can either set all, some, or just a select few. For example: If you want to just access the demographic data and nothing else, you can make that option by selecting the fields you want and [...]

SAVIX Mobile App: User Guide

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The SAVIX Data Application can be downloaded onto your Android device via the google play store here. Below is a description of the app. The SAVIX MIS Mobile data entry application can be used by data collection personnel of organizations who use the Village Savings and Loans methodology to enter data directly in their SAVIX MIS. The application supports offline data entry which makes it an ideal solution for remote data entry in the field. Mistakes are less likely because data can be entered at the moment of collection including validation. The following tutorial will walk you through a step by [...]

CommCare: A tutorial

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CommCare is a mobile data collection platform built on Open Development Kit (ODK). The following video will walk you through the process of using CommCare on an Android device. The tutorial will cover the following: introduction  Installing an application How to login Updating the survey manually Changing languages Data entry offline + online syncing incomplete / complete forms Note: If you open the video below in a new window you will have access to the time stamped shortcuts in the YouTube comments section

CommCare ODK: Installing Application (Survey)

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CommCare is an Android platform that allows one to load multiple electronic surveys into it. In order to use CommCare on an Android device applications (CommCare's term for survey/forms) have to been loaded into the platform. In order to do this the following has to happen: Android Device must have CommCare ODK installed (available here) Once CommCare ODK is installed - the surveys must be installed via URL or QR Code The following video tutorial will walk you through the process of installing the application/survey onto the CommCare Android App via URL.

CommCare ODK: Removing application (survey)

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Different mobile data collection platforms use different terminology that can often be a little confusing. CommCare on an Android mobile device uses the term ‘application’ for forms/surveys. This is not to be confused with apps (as in “there’s an app for that…”) which is actually short for application. Yeah, I know… confusing. […]