CommCare allows for various user roles and permissions. One such role is a web user and as the name suggests this user’s role will be primarily on the web platform and allows for the user to access/create users, edit/create applications, manage data export and reports. As you can see the web user has the potential to have a lot of control over the whole data collection process. Click here to find out a little more from CommCare on web users. 

How to access web users

Step 1.

Login to CommCare and select ‘Users’ on the top and select ‘web user and roles’ from the drop down.

Step 2.

Here you’ll be able to see all the users and their roles. To invite a web user select the green ‘+ Invite Web User’ button. This is also where you’ll be able to remove web users and change roles (note: this can only be done by Admins)


Step 3.

Enter the e-mail of the the individual you’d like to have web access and assign their roles and then select ‘Send Invite.’ Inform the individual to accept the invite.  

Note: at the time of this writing the CommCare invitation that is sent out has often gone to the recipients junk mail.