You’ve completed building  your application in CommCareHQ and now you’re ready to test it on a mobile device. This step by step guide will walk you through the process of publishing your application so your device can install it.

1. Prepare your mobile device:

Here’s a check list to prepare your mobile device. Make sure your device is:

2. Publish your Survey Application

Step 1. Login to CommCare HQ and select your application

Step 2.

  • Access the panel of released versions by selecting your application in the top left panel in dark blue (A).
  • Select Make New Version (B) if you’ve made any changes. If there are no changes you will see a prompt stating so.
  • Select “Released” (C)

Note: By default the app will be released “In Test” meaning that any device will not be able to update it remotely. Select “Released” (C) and you’ll be able to just update any device that had a previous version installed by following the update app instructions outlined here.

  • Select “Publish” (E).


Step 3. Select “Scan Application Barcode” or note the app code. It is easier to use the barcode.

Step 4. You’ll see a QR code that you will want to have access to.

3. Install the application on your mobile device

Using your mobile device follow these instructions to install the application onto your device using the app manager.