Congratulations! You’ve completed the build of the CommCare survey and you’ve done extensive testing. You’ve deployed the newest version on every device and you’ve assigned usernames and passwords. You’ve coordinated the logistics for the data collection and the teams are off to begin data collection. Now you anxiously wait for the data to come in… Don’t worry, with CommCare’s Reporting function you can see the status of data collection and even see who has submitted what forms and when.

Access reports

Login to CommCare HQ and you’ll see reports on the top left. Click the arrow and you’ll see a few options under monitor worker activity (see below)


The two types of reports we will go over is the Daily Form Activity and the Submission by Form. The different between the two reports is as follows:

Daily Form Activity
This report tells you the number of submissions per day. It will tell you the number of submissions per day and by which users. It will not specify which forms have been submitted – just a user and the number of forms submitted.

Submission by Form
This report tells you the number of submissions by form. It will show you the number of submissions of a specific form per day and by which users. It will give you details on the number of a specific form a user has submitted.

The following images show the differences between Daily form Activity report and Submission by Form report. Slide the vertical bar to see the difference in report. Submission By Form shows specific forms in the columns during a specific date range (see below on report filters). Daily Form Activity has specific dates in the columns and reports on the raw number of forms submitted and does not tell you the time.


Report Filters (daily form activity)

It’s important to setup your report filters in order to get the information you want. They are broken down as follows:

Groups or Users:
This allows you to filter by specific users. Usually, a group of users has already been created and this allows for you to see only data submitted by those individuals in the group. This is helpful if you have multiple teams collecting data as you can see the status based on each team. Groups require a setup by the CommCare Admin.

Filter dates by:
You can filter by submission time and completion time. Completion time is when the form was completed on the mobile device. Submission is when the CommCare servers received the forms after each device has synced. Often the data is collected in areas without connectivity and then synced at a later time – as a CommCare web admin you can follow up to confirm that data has been submitted to the servers

Data range:
This allows you to filter through specific dates of data collection.


click on image below for animation

Report Filters (Submission by form)

Submission By Form has the same report filters as Daily Form Activity with the addition of Form Filtering. This allows you to filter specific forms you want to see the status of including all forms in the Application and Module.


click on image below for animation

Now you can take advantage of CommCare’s Reporting feature to track and monitor your data collection activities in the field.