This course is Part 2 of the CommCare Training. If you have not finished CommCare 101, please click on this link to go to CommCare 101. Understanding the basics of CommCare will be necessary for CommCare 102.

In this course, we will cover the following items. It will expand on some of the topics covered in 101 and focus on miscellaneous workarounds to overcome some of the limitations of CommCare.

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Use appropriate naming conventions of Question IDs and Choice Values
  • Formatting
  • Hidden values and how to use them
  • Advanced display conditions with AND/OR
  • Advanced validation methods (count-selected) with AND/OR
  • Creating question-response matrices
  • Defining conditional response values and workarounds
  • Creating “Other-Specify other” question sets
  • Using “Specify other” response as question labels in future questions

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Jimmy Lee Jimmy Lee Author

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