Crowdin: A step by step guide

This following guide will walk you through the use of Crowdin – a language translation platform – as a translator. This guide will not walk you through the admin side of assigning translations but will focus on the translators side.

There’s also a Youtube video that you can access here

Step 1. Create an account

You should have received an e-mail through Crowdin from the admin. Once you have created an account login to the Crowdin Platform.

Step 2. Select Project

Under your profile there is a tab that says Projects. Click on your project. See screen shot below.



Step 3. Select Translation in Project

Once you’ve selected the project go ahead and select the translations needed (see screenshot below)

Step 3. Select PO file

You’ll be taken to another page with a *.po file. Select the file that needs to be translated (see screenshot below)


Step 4. Translate

Once you’ve selected the *.po file you’ll be taken to the translation page where you will enter the translations. Please note the following sections on the page:

  • Strings / text to translate side bar
  • context
  • translation box
  • comment history
  • commenting

please see the images below and use the vertical bar to see the annotated screenshots.