CommCareHQ: Edit Export Column Labels

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Introduction Data collection has started and now you're eager to take a look at the data. So you setup the export, download it by filtering the Users Groups and then the dates. The anticipation to be able to finally "see" the data is almost overwhelming. You open the excel file (or *.csv file) and then you see this: "hmm... intersting..." you think to yourself. But, you got this so you expand the columns to see what the column headers are and then you see this: Your face will probably look this (or some combination): Don't worry. This post will [...]

CommCareHQ: Publish application

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Introduction You've completed building  your application in CommCareHQ and now you're ready to test it on a mobile device. This step by step guide will walk you through the process of publishing your application so your device can install it. 1. Prepare your mobile device: Here's a check list to prepare your mobile device. Make sure your device is: Fully charged connected to WiFi  fully updated Device has the following apps installed: CommCare Barcode scanner (not require, but highly recommended) 2. Publish your Survey Application Step 1. Login to CommCare HQ and select your application Step 2. Access the panel [...]

CommCare: Web Users

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Introduction CommCare allows for various user roles and permissions. One such role is a web user and as the name suggests this user's role will be primarily on the web platform and allows for the user to access/create users, edit/create applications, manage data export and reports. As you can see the web user has the potential to have a lot of control over the whole data collection process. Click here to find out a little more from CommCare on web users.  How to access web users Step 1. Login to CommCare and select 'Users' on the top and select 'web [...]

CommCare Testing Plan

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Click here for word version CommCare: How to Test Your Mobile Data Collection App! Intro This document outlines a testing plan for [ insert project name ] on the CommCare platform. Each CommCare build should adhere to the following testing plan before deploying live data collection to ensure data quality and that the objectives and purpose of the data collection are met. Mobile Data Collection Lead (This individual is the person actively involved in the building of the application): Each build must have a testing team that consists of a minimum of 2 individuals. At least 1 [...]

CommCareHQ Reports: Monitor worker activity

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Overview Congratulations! You've completed the build of the CommCare survey and you've done extensive testing. You've deployed the newest version on every device and you've assigned usernames and passwords. You've coordinated the logistics for the data collection and the teams are off to begin data collection. Now you anxiously wait for the data to come in... Don't worry, with CommCare's Reporting function you can see the status of data collection and even see who has submitted what forms and when. Access reports Login to CommCare HQ and you'll see reports on the top left. Click the arrow and you'll see [...]

CommCare: Changing Language

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CommCare allows the building of applications in english, another language, or any combination. The platform allows the user to switch between languages easily within the survey application. Here's how to change languages (if the survey application was built with multiple languages) Step 1. Log in as any user (this includes "demo_user") Step 2. Select the settings button Step 3. Select the desired language. Step 4. DONE!